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Young Carers and MYTIME

At our Federation we work with the charitable organisation MYTIME. MYTIME recognise and celebrate the incredible young people who do so much to support those that they care for. They believe that young carers should have access to the support, the friendships, and the opportunities every child deserves.

Mrs Paterson is our Young Carers Champion at our Federation. She works closely with MYTIME to educate school staff and children alike about the challenges that young carers often face, and about the pivotal role that school communities have to play in supporting these remarkable young people.

Tess Paterson

Young Carers Champion

Mrs Paterson has led assemblies with MYTIME to educate our children about MYTIME and the work they do. Mrs Paterson also meets regularly with her group of Young Carers, giving them time to talk, supporting them with key skills and having time to talk with someone experiencing the same as themselves.