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At Livingstone Road Infant School and Livingstone Road Junior School, we are committed to delivering the best education for all our pupils. Regular school attendance and punctuality are fundamental to supporting all pupils in their progress, learning, friendship groups and overall happiness.

We understand that there will be times when your child may be unwell or unable to attend school and we have procedures in place for you to report this to us.

Reporting your child absent

If your child is unable to attend school, you must inform us. A child not attending school is considered a safeguarding matter. This is why information about any absence is required.

For more information – click here.

It is not acceptable to use the website contact form to report your child absent as it not monitored all the time.


All pupils are expected to arrive on time for school. Legally the register must be marked twice daily – once at the start of the school day and secondly at the commencement of the afternoon session.

Late arrivals are recorded and monitored with similar follow-up procedures for children with poor attendance. This information is required by the courts, should a prosecution for non-attendance or lateness be necessary.

If your child arrives at school late, they must report to the school office to be added to the register. When your child is late, they can miss the learning instructions, and this disrupts not only their education but also that of other pupils.


Please collect your child promptly at the end of the school day. When late collection is persistent and/or significantly late, the school is obliged to take any uncollected pupil to a place of safety and share concerns, as necessary, with other agencies.


All appointments, where possible, must be arranged after school. Parents should provide advance notice by way of a medical card and/or letter for any time off school required for medical appointments and complete a ‘Medical Appointment Request Form’. This form is available from the Federation Office.

Time away from school because of an appointment must be kept to a minimum – children should not be absent for the whole day/whole morning/whole afternoon.

School day timings

For details on what time school starts and the timings of a typical school day – click here.

Attendance Codes

When we record the legal attendance for your child we use the codes below. These are stipulated by the Department for Education for use by all schools, although schools and academy trusts have the ability to make changes to timings to suit their circumstances. You may find these codes used in letters that we send you, in your child’s school report and in the My Child At School app.

  • / or \ Denotes a child present and on time for morning / and present for afternoon \ sessions.
  • M  Denotes a child absent for an acknowledged medical apointment.
  • L Denotes a child arriving late between 8:50am and 9am
  • U Denotes a child fully absent for a morning or afternoon session, or arriving after 9am for morning session.